February 5, 2013

Blue Gingham.

Hi!  Soooo... if any of y'all are still reading, I'll be back to posting.  It probably won't be every day like it was before, but maybe a couple of posts a week.

Anyway, this is what I wore on Sunday for grocery shopping and whipping up some ridiculously good dip for our monthly dinner club, which was a Super Bowl party this time.

Shirt - J.Crew (old) (new colors) // Sweater - J.Crew // Jeans - Old Navy // 
Flats - J.Crew Outlet // Bag - Coach Outlet // Necklace - Premier // Sunnies - LOFT

This Coach bag was my Christmas score.  Every year my mama and I go to the St. Augustine outlets on the day after Christmas because they always have serious deals - particularly in the Coach store.  I had been wanting this bag for like a year, and I thought it might be in the outlet by now.  Sure enough, they had TWO left, both of which were claimed by some very tiny, very serious older ladies.  I stalked them all around the store (several laps, let's be honest) silently willing one of them to put it back.  The second lady #2 put hers down, I grabbed it and literally ran to the register before she could stop me.  Yes, I realize the whole scenario is ridiculous, and no, I don't really care.  Please don't judge me too harshly.

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