November 2, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday: The District

D.C. is a special city for me - it's where I moved right after I graduated college.  It was the first place where I was an adult on my own terms, and for that, I will love it forever.  And despite its reputation, it's actually not all politics and pantsuits.  There is a growing fashion scene, tons and tons of great museums (obvs), seriously good restaurants and bars.  Plus, since it's our nation's capital, so it's basically your patriotic duty to visit at least once.  And if you go, you should stay at the Park Hyatt in my old 'hood, Foggy Bottom.  It doesn't have the best hotel bar (that's the W), but it's a got a darn good restaurant (the Blue Duck Tavern), and the interior design is super chic.

*Images via Hyatt.

Like the Park Hyatt, my ideal DC outfit is polished, and classic, with fun touches on conservative shapes and styles.  Those shoes... dying.

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