October 3, 2011


On Friday afternoon, D and I were gchatting/shopping for a specific pair of Frye boots that she wants, and so when J and I decided to go to dinner and a movie later that night, I had to throw on my pair.  I've been staring at them in my closet for weeks, and this was the first night that was it was actually chilly enough to justify them.  When I put them on with my flower-printed dress, I felt very '90s/My-So-Called-Life.

Dress - Tucker for Target; Vest - Old Navy; Boots - Frye; Necklace - Premier; Nails - Sally Hansen "Black Platinum"

PS - Y'all, I have a confession... I've been a snob.  Basically, I never thought that any nail polish was good enough except essie or OPI and occasionally Chanel.  I'm a changed woman.  This Sally Hansen polish is not only a super cool color, it also stayed on better than any of my usual brands.  A regular mani generally lasts 24 hours on me before it starts to chip off, but with this polish, I went 3 days before I had to redo it.  Y'all should try it.  I got mine from CVS.

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