September 16, 2011

Retail Therapy: Lands' End Canvas

We all know that I love a crazy shoe or a statement necklace as much as the next girl.  But a wardrobe that works for day-to-day life is built on quality, classic basics.  One of my go-to places to for these kinds of items is Lands' End Canvas.  Their clothes are well-made, reasonably priced, their customer service is excellent, and, as a bonus, they tend to run big so you can safely order a size down on almost everything.  (It's called vanity sizing for a reason, people.)  You're not going to find fashion-forward, formal pieces here, but for casual staples there are not many brands who do it better, at least in my opinion.

2. Field Coat - $99.50

3. Split-Neck Dress - $89.50

1. Rail Straight Chino - $59.50
3. Lightweight Twill Overcoat - $59.99 (sale)

Hope y'all have a good weekend!  J and I have a fun one planned with the Greek Festival tonight, tailgating tomorrow, and a baby shower on Sunday.  TGIF!

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