September 2, 2011

Pack Rat

Alright, y'all, let's talk about packing.  I hate it, but what can you do?  In the past, I've tended just to pull my favorite things out of the closet and call it day.  The problem is that then I end up bringing a bunch of pieces that don't necessarily go together.  Also, I've learned that I need to be honest with myself... I like to have choices, so it is essential to pack things that let me make multiple outfits.  For example, we'll be in New York for 5 days and 4 nights, but with what I packed, I can probably make at least 12 outfits.

So, how do you get all of this... fit into this?

I hate checking bags.  In winter, sometimes it just has to be done, but when the weather is warm, there's no reason you can't fit 5-7 days worth of items into two carry ons.  

There are really only two things to know: (1) Be creative with your space - stuff your undies into your shoes, pack jewelry into extra bags, roll your belts and tuck them into your bra cups; and (2) ROLL YOUR CLOTHES.  Do you hear me?? ROLL YOUR CLOTHES.  

I line the bottom with my shoes and extra purses, trying to make everything as flat as possible.  Then ROLL YOUR CLOTHES and start layering them in.  Try to keep outfits together and put things that you know you're going to wear first on the top so you don't have to dig through your whole suitcase to get to the next day's outfit.

The only items I don't roll are my jeans.  These I fold on top, which kind of helps weigh everything down and makes the suitcase easier to zip close.

In the morning I will slip my hair straightener and phone charger in there.  My brown tote holds my magazines, the green clutch with my wallet and keys, sunglasses, a small toiletry/makeup pouch, and my plastic baggie of liquid items.  

Boom.  Done.

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