August 26, 2011

DIY: Spiked Shoes.

So my version of the Sam Edelman booties came out a little more... spikey... than I originally intended.  But you can play around with the materials you want to use and make yours however you want - the basic steps are the same, and they are ridiculously simple.

First, gather your supplies.  You'll need: (1) booties, (2) Gem Tac glue, (3) 2 packs of rhinestones, (4) spikes or studs.

The "spikes" that I used are actually beads that I got from A.C. Moore.  It took about 12 packets of beads (with 12 in each packet) to do both shoes.  Check out this website for plenty of other options. 

I started by lining the zipper with the spikes.  

Then I started filling in the back and the heel alternating spikes and rhinestones.

I kept going all the way down the heel, leaving about a quarter of an inch at the bottom.

I tried to get some pictures of me actually wearing the booties, but the light in the house is just not strong enough.  They were all super blurry.  But I kind of like the idea of saving their official debut for the mean streets of NYC... they're definitely big city shoes, don't you think?

A few tips: 

1. I found that it was easiest to squirt a blob of the glue onto a paper towel and dip the spikes into it.  Let it sit out for 10 mins or so before you start so the glue gets a little tacky, and it will hold much better.

2. When I started adding the rhinestones, I got a Q-tip and cut one of the fluffy ends off.  Then I dipped the cut-off end into the glue, dabbed it onto the shoe, and then stuck the rhinestones on.

3.  The glue will dry clear, but if you get a big glob, you'll be able to see it up close, so be careful.

4.  Let the glue dry at least overnight before wearing them.

What do y'all think?  Would you wear some majorly spikey shoes?

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  1. There super,hott. I would definatly wear them