July 8, 2011

Teal Appeal.

Recently, I decided to participate in a scarf swap with a bunch of other bloggers.  I got paired up with Sarah, who writes the hilarious and fun blog Queen of the Monsters, and she sent me this gorgeoussssss scarf.  Right about the same time, I got this pretty teal dress from Hallelu.  It was like it was meant to be.  I've wanted to try the scarf necklace since I posted about it way back when.  I didn't get mine as perfect as the inspiration photo, but I really liked the look all the same.  And I discovered a bonus that I didn't think about before - a scarf necklace is really light and stays cool around your neck, much more so than the usual chunky necklaces I usually wear, which is great for when you sit outside on a patio chatting with your girlfriends for two hours in 90 degree heat.

Dress - Hallelu; Scarf - Swapped; Bracelet - HandPicked (gift); Sandals - Cynthia Vincent for Target

PS - Go see how Sarah wore the scarf that I sent her here.

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