June 16, 2011


Last night I wanted J to take some pictures of me with the dogs because the new blog design is almost ready! (If you need a graphic designer, hire Melina.  She's great, and she has the patience of a saint.)  So since this blog is named after my fur babies, I feel like I should have more pictures of them on here.  Except getting pictures with them requires walking them on a leash, which is NOT part of Charlie's skill set, so we gave that up pretty quickly.  But since I had a cute outfit on, we did a few quick shots of me by myself.  You know, make lemonade out of your lemons and all that.  And let me tell y'all this GROUNDBREAKING stuff right here.  Look at me - I'm all fashion bloggery with the not looking at the camera and walking around our yard so nonchalantly.  Maybe tomorrow we'll venture beyond the front porch and try a new location.  I know y'all are on the edge of your seats.

Jeans - J.Crew; Striped Tee - J.Crew Outlet; Jacket - J.Crew (thrifted); Clutch - Clare Vivier; Flats - Tory Burch; Necklace - Banana Republic (old); Bracelet - Express (old)

And yes, those are the same white jeans.  This is the real world, peeps.  I sometimes (all the time) wear the same item multiple times in a week.

PS - I made this recipe (using green pepper instead of broccoli) for dinner last night, and served it over brown rice.  It turned out like this 

And it was SO good.  Make it.

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