June 23, 2011


Did y'all ever trade friendship bracelets as a kid?  The ones we had were woven with colored beads and each bead meant something : joy, peace, health, etc.  And you were supposed to wear them until the beads fell off in order to ensure that you got the benefits or something like that.  Anyway, friendship bracelets are back, but in a grown up way.

1. Stephan & Co. Braided Cord and Chain Bracelet - $12.00 via Nordstrom
2. Madewell Wanderlust Siem Reap Friendship Bracelets - $10.00
3. Juicy Couture Embellished Friendship Bracelet - $38.00 via Zappos Couture
4. Bauble Bar Cerise Multi Wrap Bracelet - $30.00

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