April 22, 2011

Inspiration: Scarves (Part 1).

I've done a post on silk scarves once before, and in that post I mentioned my friend Brinley who is a graphic designer and also runs Lardiere Collection with her dad, who is an artist.  They make gorgeous scarves based on her dad's paintings, and they are going to be in NYC in a few weeks for the accessories market.  Brinley asked if I had any ideas for how to wear their scarves, since she usually just goes with a solid top and jeans.

I think the easiest way to spice things up is to get creative with how you tie the scarf itself.  Instead of just looping it around your neck, try knotting it up like this:

Or fold it diagonally and tie it in a square:

*Image via Delightfully Tacky.

If you're feeling brave, tie it in your hair:

And my favorite idea - belt it:

Check back this afternoon because I've created a few outfits using scarves from the Lardiere Collection.

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