April 5, 2011

Bathing Beauties.

Well pretty ladies, it is officially warm down here in the Southland, and in two weeks, I will be chillin' with my (freshly manicured) toes in the sand down in Garden City.  And that means... I have to go bathing suit shopping.  I know that for a lot of girls, this is probably your least favorite shopping experience, but it doesn't have to be.  Let's start with the basics: price and style.

Personally, I don't ever pay much more than $50 for a suit, but that's because I go through at least 3 a summer.  I mean, in July in South Carolina, the high routinely hits triple digits, and on the weekends we basically don't move from the pool deck... unless we're on our way down to the dock.  You can always get great, cheap, one-season suits from Target and Victoria's Secret, but my go-to is Old Navy.  Their suits are reasonably priced, they have lots of mix and match options, and the suits are actually much better quality than a lot of the clothes; one-season prices for more-than-one-season suits.  Now, that's not to say that a great bikini can't be a good investment, but I still wouldn't pay more than $100, and none of these suits are over that price range.

As far as style and fit, remember that you can never go wrong with basic black.  It looks good with or without a tan, so just add some oversized shades, you're instantly chic.  In the same vein, nautical stripes will never go out of style, so that's always a safe bet as well.  If you want to emphasize an area, choose wider stripes and vice versa.  I have a fairly small chest, so I like to go for ruffles or ruching up top to give the appearance of a fuller bust.  I'm also pretty straight up and down, so I like hip ties or toggles to fake a bit of an hourglass shape.  If you're, um... blessed... in the cleavage department, please, please, please choose a top with underwire.  If you're bigger than a C cup, you really can not wear a triangle top.  (Seriously.  No.)  

To disguise a tummy or hips, step away from the tankini.  Nothing looks worse than a tankini top that won't stay down.  There are plenty of really cool, fun one pieces out there these days, and retro styles especially tend to offer tops with more support.  

The great thing about only spending $30 or so on a suit is that you can go as trendy as you want.  Tribal prints and details are big this year, and I'm definitely going to have to add one to my collection.

Alright y'all.  Which one is your fave?  Do you have any more fit and/or style tips?

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