March 1, 2011

Rock Out.

One night in New Orleans, J and I were discussing why we liked it so much.  One thing we both noticed is that nothing is weird in New Orleans.  You can do your own thing, whether that's being a hippie street kid busking on the corner (most of them are actually really good, by the way), or cross-dressing in heels and a tutu (never sure what's a costume and what isn't).  As long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else, no one really cares.  It's a very chill and open atmosphere, and I wished that I had more of my clothes with me so I could experiment with some of the styles I saw on the street.

1. Matt & Nat Hendrix Nappa - $91.00 via Zappos
2. Alicia Relaxed Fit T-Shirt - $45.00 via Reiss
3. ASOS Triple Chain Pendant - $26.90
4. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Zip Leather Ankle Booties - $147.50 via The Outnet
5. Quicksilver Breaker Shorts - $58.00

The girls that I thought looked the coolest had a very bad-ass-alternative-chick vibe going on.  That is certainly not my style, but I poked around the internet today and put this look together, just for fun.  I wouldn't wear this all together (although I think it definitely works, if it suits you) but I would probably wear all of these pieces alone, mixed in with some of my much preppier staples.  

What do y'all think?  Are you enough of a BAMF to wear this outfit?

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