March 31, 2011

Pretty Patterns.

Alright, so y'all... one of my fashion goals for the year was to be more adventurous with patterns.  I tend to stick with a pattern on the bottom and a solid on top, which is totally fine, but not very exciting.  So this past weekend, inspired by Blair's incredibly cool outfit, I mixed my favorite Tucker for Target floral dress with a (similar) blue and white gingham shirt from J.Crew.  It wasn't quite cold enough to add in the military jacket as well, so I tied up the shirt like this.  And you know what?  No one gaped at me or acted like I was totally insane, and I really liked how the outfit came together.  It might not be the craziest pattern mixing ever, but it's a start, and I felt fabulous, which is all that really matters, right?

Here's how you can try it.

March 30, 2011

Charleston Fashion Week.

Ok, y'all... I finallllllly finished editing my photos, and honestly, they're not as good as I would've liked, but what can you do.  I'm just a pleb, and I was in the cheap seats.  Nonetheless, I had such a good time at my first ever fashion show, and I can't wait to go back next year (hopefully for more than one night).  

Y'all, when I was wandering around looking for the bathrooms, FERN MALLIS walked right past me.  And no one was paying any attention to her.  I definitely had a total geek out, complete with a little dance, after she walked by.

However, the main attraction was the show itself.  The emerging designers' collections were fabulous and very diverse, and the winner, Charlotte Hess, can do some insanely creative things with yarn.  Watch out for that girl; she's talented.

The model in the gold dress (below) is Ajang Majok, who won the model competition.  And let me tell you, the girl is fierce.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but that is a column dress that only let her take tiny little steps.  It was the final look in Larika Page's collection (last year's winner), and Ajang somehow managed to walk so gracefully in it.  Everyone cheered when she finally made it back through the doorway behind the stage.  

I wish I had a better picture of the gold skirt (also from Larika's collection) because it was my favorite look of the whole night.  It had pockets.  Love.

So anyway, there you have it.  Who wants to go and split a hotel with me next year?  I already decided that I'll be splurging for VIP seats.  Baller.

March 29, 2011

Pump It Up.

Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, I'm sure you know that colorblocking is huge trend this season.  I was trying to create some colorblocked outfits in my closet last night, and I realized that my "nighttime" footwear is sorely lacking in colorful options.  All of my heels are neutral (i.e. work appropriate and bORRRing), and while there is nothing wrong with using a black or nude heel if it works with your outfit, I think that if you're going to go bold with a ton of color, you should definitely carry it all the way down to your shoes a la Camilla Belle.  Even if that's not quite your style, punchy heels are a great way to add a unexpected twist to any outfit - whether it's a dressy look like this, or a more casual outfit like this one.   I'm thinking that I will get the most use out of pink or red, but holy cow, aren't those yellow pumps so gorgeous?  Love.

PS - Anne of The City Sage did a really fun post on colorful casual sandals yesterday that inspired my whole colorblocking crusade in the first place, so make sure you check it out too.  Bright shoes are so in right now - there are tons of ways for you to try out this trend.

PPS - Fashion Week pictures are coming soon, I promise! 

March 28, 2011

Food for Thought.

This weekend I went to Charleston and got to indulge in some of my favorite things, primarily fashion and food.  I met up with one of my law school friends, and we went to the last night of shows for Charleston Fashion Week.  Of course we also ate ridiculously good food, had drinks at my two favorite spots, and spent plenty of time shopping on King Street.  I'll have a full post on the shows tomorrow, but for today, all of the good food and beautiful clothes inspired me to do the third installment of this series.  Enjoy!

March 25, 2011

Driving Force.

While I love a spectacular pair of heels as much as the next girl, I don't have much use for them in my real life.  Day to day, I'm definitely a flats girl.  Luckily for me, the past few seasons have featured tons of great flats from the always classic ballet to last season's oxford craze.  Lately I have been really loving the look of driving moccasins, and I've seen some in really fun colors and metallics that keep this preppy staple from being a bit too mom-ish.  I'm still hunting for my perfect pair, but I will definitely be wearing these with sweet spring dresses and skirts.

1. Car Shoes Purple Suede Loafers - $235.00 via MyTheresa
2. Minnetonka White Leather Driving Moc - $44.00 via Jildor
3. Cole Haan Air Penny Driver Moccain - $99.90 via Nordstrom
4. Michael Michael Kors Amber Mocs - $98.00 via Bloomingdale's

March 24, 2011

White Hot.

Are these girls not the ultimate cools girls?  Gah.

*Image via Garance Dore.

I have a white blazer from a few seasons ago that I have always had trouble styling, and now I know why.  I never tried it with brights.  Duh, me!  I am now obsessed with this look and can't wait to try it again.

1. Vince Camuto Signature Aviators - $70.00
2. Theory Landon Blazer - $385.00
3. Charles Tyrwhitt Silk Top - $79.00
4. Seychelles Braided Thong Sandal - $75.00 via CUSP
5. Kenneth Jay Lane Long Coral Ball Pendant - $70.00 via Neiman's Last Call
6. Adam Crepe Pencil Skirt - $78.00 via The Outnet

Thirsty Thursday: Botkier Charlotte Satchel

So, y'all, I have been looking for a great every day bag for spring and summer.  I have my gorgeous black Marc Jacobs that I love* and have carried every single day since I got it, but it isn't the most summery option.  I've been looking for something gray in a more structured shape, and I finally found the perfect bag... and then I saw the price tag.  Le sigh.

{Botkier Charlotte Satchel - $575.00 via Zappos Couture}

*Mom, don't freak out.  I won it on an auction site (sadly now defunct?) for about $30.  Deal of the CENTURY!

March 23, 2011

Girl Power.

So guess what y'all?  My sweet friend M and her husband S just found out yesterday that they are having a perfect, precious baby GIRL!  Now, little Miss Margaret won't be making her debut until August, and then won't be able to read for like 6 (?) years after that, but I feel like she deserves a shout out.  Granted, these are big girl clothes, but trust me, she will have PLENTY of pink frilly (monogrammed) things with bows on them in her size until she grows into these.  (And if Mama M will let me, perhaps a dash of leopard print and sequins too.)  

Congratulations, M and S (and Margaret)!  Love y'all.

March 22, 2011

So Joe.

Here's how to tell when I'm really sick: when even laying in bed and browsing my (ridiculously full) Google Reader is too taxing, you know I'm hurting.  Thankfully I got some better sleep last night, and I actually went to work this afternoon for a few hours, so I decided to jump back into blogland, and holy cow, am I glad that I did.  

This photo shoot is two years old, but how gorgeous and stylish is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (not to mention talented)?  If I have any male readers, take note: this is good.  That vest under the sportcoat is fantastic.

*Images via Esquire discovered via The Neo Traditionalist.

I'll be back tomorrow with a full post - so excited to have some energy again!

March 21, 2011

Sick Day.

Hi friends.  Sorry to say that I am currently taking a sick day.  The beautiful spring weather we're having unfortunately means that it's full-on pollen season and my sinuses are not handling it very well.  I hope to be back at it by Wednesday, so please check back then.

March 17, 2011

Double Take.

I was persuing my Google Reader last night and came across these two photos, almost back to back.  I love how such elements can yield such different results.  Which is your fave?

PS - Don't forget, I will not be posting tomorrow because I will be participating in For Japan with Love with Utterly Engaged for a bloggers' day of silence.  If you're a blogger, please join me this Friday, and everyone please remember to donate.

Thirsty Thursday: Marc Jacobs Silk Scarf

Spring weather, as we all know, can be a bit unpredictable.  Yesterday, for example, it was about 50 degrees, gray, and windy when I left my office to go get lunch.  When I left my office at 6:30 to go to the Style Swap, it was 65 and sunny.  This is why a lightweight scarf is life saver in March and April, and this one is particularly beautiful, don't you think?

{Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Silk and Cashmere Scarf - $450.00 via Net-A-Porter}

PS - Speaking of the Style Swap, wanna see what I got?

March 16, 2011

Go Green.

So are y'all ready for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow?  I am not Irish, and honestly, I have never been in love with St. Pat's because most people who "celebrate" it aren't Irish either, but Columbia has a huge festival every year, and I don't like getting pinched... so, I suck it up and participate.  And really, since "participating" generally means wearing green and drinking beer, so it's not like it's that hard.  However, as I was browsing for potential outfits for this weekend, I noticed that a lot of my green items are either cold weather clothes or more dressy styles.  Since it's supposed to be a high of 81 here on Saturday, this is not helpful.  Luckily, I get my first lawyer paycheck today (!), so I think perhaps I will purchase myself a little good luck charm.  

1. T Bags Deep V Jersey Maxi Dress - $99.00 via The Outnet
2. ASOS Lowie Skinny Belt - $57.38
3. Tibi Embroidered Silk Dress - $155.00 via My Theresa
4. Topshop Silk Wing Front Tee - $90.00
5. Pringle 1815 Stripe Trapeze Top - $75.00 via The Outnet
6. Delia's Twist-Front Knit Dress - $39.50

PS - Just an FYI, I will not be posting this Friday, March 18, because I will be participating in For Japan with Love with Utterly Engaged for a bloggers' day of silence.  I am heartbroken for the people of Japan, but also in awe of their courage and resilience, and this is the least I can do.  If you're a blogger, please join me this Friday, and even if you're not, anyone can donate.

March 15, 2011

Copycat: Jessica Alba

I'm obsessed with this cute little outfit that Jessica Alba wore on vacation in Aix-en-Provence.  It is a strong contender for my summer uniform (minus the fedora - which is super cute on her but would not have the same effect on my huge noggin.)  The best part is that you don't have to spend a ton of money to put together a similar look.  You probably have at least one of these pieces already in your closet.  I mean, who doesn't have sunglasses at least, right? 

*Image via People.

March 14, 2011


Happy Monday, y'all!  Did you have a good weekend?  We had SUCH a good time.  On Friday, we did an all running Crossfit workout, which means I got my first Rx.  Big time.  Saturday we had supper club, and then it was Sunday Funday with some of our favorite friends.  Because of the time change, we got to sit out on the porch until after 7, talking and having some G&Ts.  It was heaven, y'all.

Also yesterday the Target Go International reissue collection went up online and in stores.  If you haven't gotten in on the action yet, you need to, ASAP.  In celebration of the collection's five year anniversary, Target has re-released the most popular dresses from past collection.  Basically, this is the good stuff.  And it's all under $50.  Make sure you check out the whole collection, but these three are my faves.  

1. Tucker Button Front Dress - $34.99 

And the dresses ARE still available on the Target website.  I think the website got a little buggy/overloaded yesterday morning, and people thought the collection was all sold out.  It's not.  So go shop!

March 11, 2011

Lovely Locks.

Sasha over at Everything Fabulous always finds the best hair style inspiration, and since I have a ton of clips saved, I thought I'd share some faves.  While I am generally brave when it comes to color, I stick with the same cut over and over again (side part, long bob or growing out a long bob to mid-back length; chop; repeat).  I really need to branch out beyond a ponytail or side braid, and a lazy Saturday is the perfect time to try out a new 'do because if it looks terrible, you can always just take a shower and try again.  

*Images via Everything Fabulous.

Happy Friday and happy experimenting, y'all!

March 10, 2011


Move over, mini skirts.  I need to make room in my closet for my new friend, the midi skirt.  In case you don't know, a midi skirt is basically what tea length is for a dress.  This silhouette can be tricky to pull off - get the length just slightly wrong and you'll can horribly stumpy and/or dowdy. 

The key to getting this skirt right is to make sure that the length is spot-on for you (i.e. you're probably going to need some tailoring, so factor that into your budget).  Ideally, it should fall either just over your knee, maybe two inches, into the little curvature between the bottom of your knee cap and where your calf starts to widen out, OR it should be just long enough to cover the widest part of your calf.  If the skirt hits right across the middle of your calf, you're headed straight to Stumpville.  Alternatively, if it's too short and hits right across the middle of your knee caps, you've got a one-way ticket to Dowdy Town.  (Trust me, and stay off that crazy train, ok?)

Don't be scared though.  Once you get the length right, this look is super chic.  For an example of how to do it, check out this gaw-jus outfit from Christine of My Style Pill.  And get started creating your own with these little beauties:

1. Topshop Waterfall Calf Skirt - $80.00
2. Tibi Lillian Silk Midi Skirt - $255.00 via Net-A-Porter
3. Topshop Pleated Calf Length Skirt - $80.00
4. Nygard Collection Riding Skirt - $69.00 via Dillard's

PS - Topshop also has this, which is very similar to Christine's skirt.

Thirsty Thursday: Tory Burch Vivian Dress

In keeping with my minimalist obsession for spring, I would like to introduce you to Vivian:

{Tory Burch Vivian Dress - $328.00}

So sophisticated and timeless, and I love the little gold shoulder detail.  (Also, I am now kind of liking Vivian as a girls name.  Doesn't Vivi sound like such a fun friend?)

PS - Two posts today!  Come back later this afternoon and let's talk about midi skirts, k?

March 9, 2011

Made Ya Look.

WHY is the closest Zara in Atlanta???  That's 215 miles from Columbia.  And I am loving their March lookbook.  It has everything I'm after this spring... bright colors, minimal details, flowy silhouettes.  And I think plenty of these pieces could be work appropriate, as well as weekend-brunch-with-your-super-chic-girlfriends appropriate. 

Dyyyyyyying over this... my perfect summer weekend outfit.

Le sigh.  (Speaking of super chic girlfriends... hey, T... wanna go shopping?)

March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday.

In my love affair with the cities of this world, Charleston is my husband... my one true love, always faithful.  But New Orleans is my new mistress... uninhibited and a little bit wild.  And today is a big day for my mistress.  It's Mardi Gras!  

It's also a big day for me.  I'm starting a job as a contract attorney today.  It's my first job as an actual lawyer, and I'm pretty excited.  However, it does mean that I can't wear this:

Luckily, I brought home some treats from Sucre, and I did manage to slip a little bit of purple and green into my (much more lawyerly) outfit.  If you're lucky enough to be in NOLA today, have fun!  If not, I recommend making yourself a Pimm's Cup (or two), checking out these beautiful photos, and booking yourself a flight for next year.

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

March 7, 2011

Weekend Warrior: Artsy Edition.

Happy Monday, y'all!  Since I'm done studying, and I actually have free time to go do things again, I thought I would bring Weekend Warrior back.  J and I had a lot of fun this weekend, and we felt very cultured.  Last night we finally saw The Kings Speech at The Nickelodeon, which is a tiny independent theater downtown.  On Friday night we went to Arts & Draughts at the museum to see a new temporary exhibit called Who Shot Rock 'N Roll.  It's photographs of rock bands and concerts from the 50s up til today.  They don't allow pictures inside the exhibit, sadly, but we also got to check out the museum's new Chihuly statute, which is incredibly cool.  Anyway, if you're in Columbia, definitely go see the Rock 'N Roll exhibit while it's here.  

So y'all, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this blog.  When I first started it, I thought that I would do outfit photos, and it would be a personal style blog.  Obviously, that hasn't happened, mostly because I have been so uncomfortable with my body over the past year.  But thanks to Crossfit, I am finally starting to feel better about those issues, and since I just can't stop thinking about doing outfit photos, I want to give it a shot.  What I am still thinking over is whether I want to try to integrate them into this blog, or maybe start another one for that.  I would love to hear from y'all.  Are you interested in seeing outfit photos here?  Do you like these Weekend Warrior posts?  Tell me!

March 4, 2011


It's starting to warm up fast down here in the Southland, and that means it's time for me to get my little feetsies in shape for sandals.  I was curious about what nail color trends are hot for spring, so I did a little research.  Luckily, there's something for everyone.  You can bright and bold, or soft and muted.  These four are my favorites.

Muted neutrals.

1. Deborah Lippman Waking Up In Vegas - $16.00
2. Sephora Going Nude, Eh? - $9.00
3. Essie Sand Tropez - $8.00

Baby blue.

1. OPI Breathe Life - $7.00 via Amazon
2. Essie Sweet Talker - $8.00
3. POP Baby Blue - $10.00 via


1. Sephora Hell To The No - $9.00
2. NARS Purple Rain - $17.00
3. Sally Hansen Purple Pulse - $6.99 via Amazon

And last but not least (surprise, surprise!)... Orange.

1. Sephora by OPI Caliente Coral - $9.00
2. Orly Orange Punch - $4.50 via Amazon 
3. OPI Atomic Orange - $5.51 via Amazon 

March 3, 2011

Off to the Races.

It's springtime in the South, and that means only one thing: it's racing season.  Uh no, not THAT racing season.  Horse races!  But don't be fooled into thinking that the actual race is main event.  Definitely not.  The hats and the dresses take center stage, so if you go, you better bring your sunniest little dress and your floppiest hat.  And a pair of wedges, because spike heels get stuck in the grass and flats will get your feet muddy.  Trust me on this one.  Anyway, my sweet cousin-in-law (is that a thing?) K requested some outfit ideas, so I put these three together for her.  In general, anything Lilly and/or pink will do, but that's not very creative... SO, hope this helps, K!

First up, pretty florals.  I know, I know... "Florals? For spring?  Ground breaking."  But I just couldn't resist this dress, and I stuck with orange and yellow accessories to keep it current.  No pink.

Even though it's spring, you can never go wrong with black and white.  Add a bright pop of color to keep it interesting.  Again, no pink.

And finally, if you feel like being a little bit less traditional, lose the hat and get your florals by way of a fun, chunky statement necklace instead.  But let's not get too crazy... add in a little pink. 

Thirsty Thursday: Linea Pelle Dylan Tote

Linea Pelle is one of my favorite accessories lines.  I looooove their bags and super cute leather bracelets.  Alas, I don't actually OWN any Linea Pelle because it is out of my budget by about 10 times.  But look how pretty Dylan is...

{Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote - $435.00 via Endless}

But it's my lucky day (and yours) because yesterday Linea Pelle's collaboration with Target went up online.  I've got my eye on this one to tide me over until the day I can afford the real deal.  

What do y'all think?  Anything catch your eye?

March 2, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday: Montreal

Now that J and I are back from New Orleans, obviously it's time to start planning our next trip.  We've decided to start saving up for a one-year anniversary get-away in August or September, and we've been talking about Montreal.  I don't really know anything about the city, but I've never been to Canada and everyone says Montreal is like going to Europe, without the trans-Atlantic flight.  Sounds pretty good to me.  And the Opus Hotel looks like a gorgeous and hip place to stay.

*Images via Opus Hotels.

Have any of y'all ever been?  Any thoughts?