February 17, 2011

Runway/Real Way: Minimalism

I had fun making the 70s collage earlier this week, and y'all seemed to like it so I thought I'd try it again.  

Getting a minimalist look right can be tricky, but it done right it is super chic and sophisticated.  This may sound super obvious, but the first key is keeping it simple.  It's really hard not to get sucked into piling on accessories or adding pattern.  The second big issue is tailoring.  When you're doing something this pared down, fit and workmanship are critical.  You'll be wearing pieces without much (or really, any) embellishment, so you want them to be interesting architecturally.  Think strong shoulders, accordion pleats, and crisp collars, for example.  This doesn't mean that you can only pull this look off if you're working with expensive pieces.  It just means that you want to use items that fit perfectly, without any cinching, safety pinning, or bunching.  You want the overall effect to feel deliberate, not like you were just in a hurry and didn't have time to make your outfit interesting.

1. Coach Rambler's Legacy Bag - $258.00
2. Nars Heat Wave - $24.00
3. Simon Sebbag X Bangle - $183.90 via Nordstrom
4. Nine West Arden Sandal - $69.00
5. By Malene Birger Belted Trench Coat - $274.00 via The Outnet
6. Carolee Gold Pearl Studs - $22.00 via Endless
7. Calvin Klein Collection Bea One Shoulder Jersey Dress - $268.50 via The Outnet

The dress is Calvin Klein because he is a master of minimalism.  (See here and here for examples.)  And you could certainly find a cheaper trench, but this one had a white background, and I wrote this post on a study break and didn't have time to edit pictures.  (Sorry, that's life these days.)  Also, if you haven't checked out the Coach Originals collection, go take a look.  They're amazing, classic bags that are definitely worth the investment if you're looking for a great all-purpose bag.

So, now y'all weigh in.  Will you give minimalism a try?

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