February 21, 2011

A New Orleans Adventure

Well hello ladies and gents of Penny Loves Charlie, Christina here from Sweet On Design! It is with great pleasure that I sit down to write this post today.  I know this year has been all kinds of crazy for Lindsey and I'm sure getting this whole "SITTING FOR THE BAR" item checked off her to-do list will give her the great sense of relief and accomplishment that she deserves. Most of you probably know that Lindsey and J are headed to New Orleans this weekend for a much needed dose of fun and relaxation.. Having gone to school in New Orleans, I am THRILLED that they chose it for their trip. Today I've pulled together a quick list of activities to try and places to see while in the Big Easy.


Grab a cocktail!

                And take it with you as you stroll around
                the French Quarter! Fear not, this is
                totally legal..

               Make your way to Jackson Square - home to the 
               St. Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, and a                
               variety of street artists, musicians & 
               tarot card readers!

               From there take a stroll down Royal Street 
               to the Hotel Monteleone where you'll find a
               rotating Carousel Bar and if you're lucky you 
               might even spot Elvis or some other elusive 

                Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop - this dark &
                mysterious place is New Orleans oldest
                bar and is purported to be the very first 
                bar in the United States. Everyone has a 
                juicy story or a ghost to tell you about 
                so make sure to chat up your bartender. 


                Catch the Uptown streetcar for a relaxing 
                ride into the Garden District. Once again...
                you may want to grab a cocktail for this

               Watch the historic homes of St. Charles  
               Avenue pass by as you ramble along. 

                Hop off the streetcar at Washington Ave
                and walk two blocks towards the river where
                you'll find Commanders Palace - A daytime
                meal here will change your life.  You may
                want to call ahead for reservations & make
                sure to get yourself a couple of their 
                25 cent martinis!! 

               After you've had a delicious meal at Commanders
               hop back on the streetcar and continue Uptown
               towards Tulane, Loyola, Audubon Park & 
               Audubon Zoo. Wandering around any or all
               of these places is a great way to spend
               a beautiful New Orleans afternoon.

And finally here are a few items that I always keep on hand when traveling to NOLA: 


1) Big Bows or Bold Hair Accessories - These are a must. You're in New Orleans..so live. it. up.  !!!

2) Day to Night Dress - In case you're having too much fun to get home and change for the night ahead

3) Lightweight Scarf  - An adorable accessory that you can tuck away in your purse when you don't need it.

4) Over The Shoulder Satchel - There's no need to fool with your purse when you've got more important items of business like carrying your Hand-Grenade or Hurricane 

5) Cute, Comfy and Affordable Shoes - Its practically impossible to keep your shoes clean in New Orleans so purchase an affordable pair knowing that you'll most likely be sacrificing them to the party-gods by the end of your trip 

Now like they say in New Orleans.. Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

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