February 18, 2011

More Cram, Less Glam.

Hey y'all, Happy Friday!  

Personally I am terrified and ecstatic at the prospect of this weekend because on one hand it means I only have 3 days until the Bar Exam starts, and I can not wait to have my life back.  On the other hand... HOLY HECK I ONLY HAVE 3 DAYS UNTIL THE BAR EXAM STARTS!  I  feel ill just thinking about it.  That is why I am currently cramming away at a desk that includes many more randomly scattered note cards, stacks of books, and at least five empty glasses and/or plates.  In short, it looks nothing like this glamourous little office.

Actually, it's a good thing this isn't my office because that bar cart would be in serious jeopardy.  

Anyway, I won't be around next week but have no fear, I have some super cool and talented guest bloggers lined up, so please make sure to come by and check out what they have in store for y'all.

See you on the flip side.

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