February 16, 2011

Jazz It Up.

I know I said that I was going to wait and do one big round-up post when all the NYFW shows are over, but I loved the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday night too much to wait.  It was held at the Plaza, and the collection has an amazing glamorous, Roaring Twenties vibe.  Since the first time I read The Great Gatsby, I have always loved the whole Jazz Age/flapper girl vibe, but it's incredibly hard to find pieces that don't look costumey, so I really never dress this way.  (Although I did wear a really awesome fringed dress to Homecoming one year in high school, and no one liked it except me [and my mom] but I didn't care.)  I said it once, and I'll say it again, Boardwalk Empire is the new Mad Men.  I'm excited that at least one person agrees with me, and I hope more designers will start putting out some Jazz-Age-inspired looks as well.

*All images via Style.com.

Seriously, y'all... how modern-day Jordan Baker is that purple suit?  And that middle dress in the center collage is the grown-up version of my beloved Homecoming dress.  I wish I had an excuse to buy it.  (Don't worry, I can probably come up with one.)

What do y'all think?  Are you as into this as I am, or is it gonna be like high school all over again?

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