February 14, 2011

Fashion Forward.

Happy Monday and Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  

Have you been keeping up with the NYFW shows as obsessively as I have?  I keep wishing that I was there, and then I remember that no one invited me anyway.  Le sigh.  But that hasn't stopped me from checking out photos and video from here. (Yay for study breaks!)  Timo Weiland, Tory BurchRebecca Minkoff are my favorites so far, and I will probably do a "coming attractions" round up post sometime next week when everything is over.  

But, in case you don't know how it works, the fashion world is always ahead of the real seasons.  So this NYFW is Fall/Winter 2011, and the Spring/Summer shows were held last September.  This is generally because buyers go to the shows and figure out what they want to order, but the designers need time to make and deliver everything.  So, I thought instead of looking at the F/W shows, it makes more sense to go back to the S/S shows to see what's on tap for us in the next few months.  These are just a few of the trends I noticed and that I'm most excited about.

First up, orange.  If you don't yet own anything orange, go buy something.  Seriously.  It was everywhere, across all styles - preppy, sporty, edgy, romantic.  It is by far the hottest color of the season.  And though you can't really tell from the collage, designers were pairing it with other bold colors as well - think deep purple, aqua, neon yellow, and bright pink.  Sadly, orange is only wearable for me for approximately 2 weeks each summer when I reach maximum tannage, so I don't see myself making too much of an investment.  But I really wish I looked better in it because it's such a happy color.  If you can wear it, take advantage.

Kind of related to the orange trend, the 70s will also be big, especially when it comes to pants.  If you're tired of skinny jeans, now is your chance to rock some serious bellbottoms.

If minimalism is more your thing, you're in luck.  There were tons of minimal, unadorned silhouettes on the runways - mostly in white, but a few really pretty sorbet and bright shades too.  I really love this look, especially since I have trouble with jewelry and accessorizing anyway.  With a perfectly tailored white dress, the only things you need to add are a tan, a quick swipe of bright lipstick, and some colorful sandals.  So easy, but so chic.

If someone says metallic is a trend, I would think they were talking about footwear or makeup, but for Spring and Summer, it's all about metallic gold fabric.  I could never pull off those glittery Michael Kors pants, but holy cow they are awesome.  

*All photos are from Style.com.

Will you be wearing any of these trends?  I want to know what you're excited about too.

*Disclaimer: this last paragraph is full of mushy stuff.  (Well, as mushy as I get, anyway.)*

As you all know, because I blog and tweet and Facebook about it incessantly, one week from today I will be sitting down for the first of three days of the bar exam... I am kind of freaking out, to put it mildly.  Luckily, J is super sweet, and he's been cooking dinner for me (even taking absurd requests, like cinnamon rolls), and he cleaned the whole house by himself yesterday.  Today is also our sixth month wedding anniversary, and I am just so thankful for him in my life.  He always teases me that I don't give him shout outs on the blog anymore... well, J, today is your lucky day.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Love you more every day.

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