January 14, 2011

Budget Control.

Ok y'all, the Bar exam is officially frying my brain.  I didn't even realize that I hadn't created a post for yesterday until about 3:30, and by then I was at work and couldn't do anything about it.  I've also been having some crazy dreams.  It's like my brain has no room for anything except Bar stuff.  And this exam is cramping my style in more ways that one.  Since I had to put off taking it because of the flood last July, I've only been able to work part time, which means my shopping budget has taken a serious hit.  Sadly, this is has done nothing to curb my shopping appetite.  So since I have approximately $27.00 in my "fun money" fund at the moment, I decided to see what I could buy with that.  And because I like themes, I decided to go for all stripes.
1. Yellow and White Striped 24" x 36" Rug - $9.95 via Crate & Barrel
2. Chain Pocket Striped Tee - $9.97 via Old Navy
3. Leatherette Diagonal Stripe Clutch - $12.80 via Forever21
4. Blue Stripe Scarf - $19.95 via Delia's
5. Stripe Placket Ladypant - $8.00 via Topshop*

*"Ladypant."  Enough said.

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