December 23, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Rose Cut Gold Vermeil Stone Bands

I discovered Layla Grace through the Lavish! (un)conference that I attended in Atlanta a few weekends ago, and I am obsessed.  You can find tons of super cute and reasonably priced jewelry, handbags, clothes, and home goods.  In particular, I am dying over this gorgeous set of rings.  I love that they're delicate but tough at the same time, and the color of that smokey quartz is amazing, n'est pas?  I love gray... and who knew you could even get (real) gray gemstones?

{Hand Pounded Rose Cut Gold Vermeil Stone Bands - $130.00}

If you get some Christmas spending money on Saturday, definitely poke around on the site.  There are tons of goodies to be found.

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