December 6, 2010

Pants Me.

Guys, I made a pretty huge decision over the weekend: I've decided to buy some pants.

See, all I have in my closet are tons of jeans, a few skirts, and tons of dresses.  I don't own a single pair of casual pants that aren't jeans.  Not even cords.  And the reason is that I *H.A.T.E.* buying pants.  In recent years, I have gained some weight, some of which I really needed to gain... the other 10 lbs, not so much.  Even with some extra padding, I don't think that I have a particularly odd body shape, but clothing manufacturers clearly expect someone of my girth to also be 5'11".  As you can imagine this is somewhat disheartening - both for my ego and for my wallet, because everything I buy has to be tailored. However, I have been coaching myself the past few months (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds) to let go of being a certain size and focus on buying what I like and what makes me feel good, regardless of whether it says size 4 (thank you, Old Navy) or size 10 (vanity sizing works, Ann Taylor).  Therefore, I'm buying pants.  

To further pysch myself up, I've been gathering inspiration from some of my favorite style bloggers...

*Images via Kendi Everyday, B. Jones Style, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, This Time Tomorrow

All of these looks aren't necessarily my style, and even if they were, I definitely couldn't pull all of them off (hello Chloe pants, top right), but they did give me some shopping inspiration.

1. LOFT Randi Plaid Lean Trousers - $69.99
2. J.Crew Minnie Pant - $79.50
3. Fletcher by Lyell Pleated Pant - $78.00 via Urban Outfitters
4. Club Monaco Kaylyn Pleated Pant - $138.00 via ShopBop

Ok, so what do y'all think?  Do you like these looks?  Would you wear any of these?


  1. ha, i am the exact same way. I have a big butt/big thighs and so any pants that fit those areas are huge in the waist/too long. Stupid clothing manufacturers. I only have jeans and dresses too! I would like to buy a pair of cords but i can just tell the skinny ones that jcrew sells would NOT look good on me.

  2. Just be cautious of the J. Crew Minnie pants... I tried them on when we went to the J. Crew in Cola, and although I am almost always a size 6 in J. Crew bottoms, these made me feel like a water buffalo. They definitely size them WAY down (which is mean, J. Crew).

  3. I think for this first foray into the world of pants, I'm gonna go with a looser, more forgiving style like the ones from UO. I've been having issues with JCrew's sizing lately too.