December 15, 2010

Layer It On.

Here is my problem with winter: you have to wear a lot of clothes.  I strongly prefer sundresses and sandals, shorts and tees.  However, I prefer not freezing above all, and Florida bloods tends to run a bit thin.  Therefore, I have to play winter's little game and layer up.  I think the issue that most girls have with layering is that it can get bulky really quickly.  For me, camisoles are key.  Throw on a thin, silky camisole and a tissue tee and you've only added like 1/8 inch to your body.  Also, don't forget that every layer doesn't have to cover the same spot (i.e. a vest over a jacket), and remember to layer on your bottom half!  Tights and wool socks under a long skirt, over-the-knee boots on top of skinny jeans - all of these add warmth and won't make you look hefty.

Some inspiration to get to you started...

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