December 20, 2010

Last Minute.

Everyone loves getting presents, right?  Except when someone who wasn't on your list surprises you with a nice gift.  Not only have they been generous to you, now you look like a scrooge in return.  We've all been there, and it's the worst.  But fret not, lovely readers.  Here are six suggestions (no gift cards!) that you can pick up quickly and without breaking the bank.

1. Popcorn Knit Scarf - $19.99 via Gap
2. Paula Deen 2 Quart Tea Kettle - $29.99 via BedBathBeyond
3. Smith's Rosebud Salve - $6.00 via Sephora
4. Global Girlfriend Uganda Wallet - $16.99 via Target
5. Ona Vase - $18.95 via Crate & Barrel
6. Chain Necklace - $8.99 via Old Navy

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