December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Manly

Why is shopping for guys so hard??  J is downright impossible to buy things for because he refuses to wear any clothes that he hasn't owned since at least 1994, and he's colorblind so he thinks like 95% of colors are brown, which is, of course, his favorite anyway.  It's really all I can do to keep him from walking around looking like a UPS man every day. (Hi babe, love you!)  Anyway, this means that I tend to focus more on "stuff" when I buy gifts for him and not so much on clothes.  Obviously, any guy (or girl) would love an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad, etc.  And while there is one iRelated product in this gift guide, I tried to find cool "stuff" that the average guy might not think of to include on his list.  Merry Christmas, boys!

1. iHome FM Alarm Clock Radio - $69.99; 2. Bamboo Radio - $45.00 via The Conran Shop; 3. Silver Monogram Cufflinks - $160.00 via Cufflinksonly (Etsy); 4. Polaroid One600 Instant Classic Camera - $146.99 via Amazon; 5. Charles Tyrwhitt Grey Chunky Knit Cardigan - $110.00; 6. Life by Keith Richards - $19.99 via Barnes & Noble; 7. Rugged Twill Messenger Bag - $128.00 via J.Crew


  1. love the bag. I need to get Russ a weekend bag because he still insists on using an old ripped up adidas gym bag... sigh...

  2. someday you'll appreciate what it means to have a timeless style.... but seriously, the polaroid camera is awesome, I didn't think they made those anymore