December 30, 2010

Hit A High Note.

Is it too soon for another George Costanza reference?  Well, you're gonna get one anyway... remember the episode where George decides to end all conversations on a high note and starts doing the "walk out"?  That's what New Year's Eve is like for me.  It's a chance to end the year on a high note, sartorially at least.  And it doesn't matter if you're going out for a fancy dinner, or just staying in with a few friends, I've got outfit ideas for everyone.  I kept the accessories the same for all three boards, and I incorporated some of the same pieces across the boards as well.  I also really tried to stick with items that are probably already in your closets.

Sequins and sparkle are an obvious New Year's Eve choice and there are tons of cute and affordable options out there is year.  

If you feel like getting a little symbolic with your outfit choice, white is the way to go.  It's clean and fresh, a blank canvas, just like the new year. (So deep today!)  Mixing it with the black accessories makes a cool graphic statement. (And PS - I know the skirt looks weird in the photo, but trust me, it's much cuter when you put it on.)

Finally, if you want to spice things up with some color, why not go with Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year, Honeysuckle?  This is a gorgeous, vibrant pink, and it's super fun for a party dress.

So tell me, how are you planning to celebrate 2011?  And what are you planning to wear?

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