December 21, 2010

Family Fun.

However you choose to celebrate, the holidays almost always mean family time, and all of the togetherness can be a little bit... much sometimes.  Like when your dad makes you pretend to unwrap the same gift six times because he can't figure out how to work the camera.  Or when your grandfather has too many G&Ts and starts telling dirty jokes.  Or when your little cousin throws your brand new scarf in the toilet and tries to flush it down.  And that's just your own family - there's still your significant other's friends and relatives to contend with.  And if it's your very first holiday visit, the stress of not knowing what to expect is enough to cause a breakout or (gasp!) a gray hair.  The last thing you want to worry about is your outfit, so here are two suggestions that are casual but classy, perfect for meeting the fam, hanging out with old high school friends, and sure to be approved by all of his relatives - even his senile and deaf great aunt who hears your name as "Katie" and subsequently calls you that all weekend.*

1. Adriano Goldschmeid Cigarette Leg Jeans - $195.00 via StyleBop
2. Aubin & Wills Cardigan - $150.00 via Net-A-Porter
3. Aeropostale A87 Solid Pocket Tee - $5.00 
4. Hurley Spectrum Hobo - $27.20 via eBags
5. Urban Outfitters Braided Chain Bead Necklace - $29.00 
6. Cooperative Leather Double Wrap Skinny Belt - $28.00 via Urban Outfitters
7. Charlotte Russe Flat Riding Boot - $45.50 

1. Delia's Devin Peacoat - $69.50 
2. Boat Neck Sweater Dress - $30.00 via Old Navy
3. Ribbed Patterned Tights - $6.80 via Forever 21
4. Kate Spade Olivetti Scarf - $155.00
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Huge Hillier Hobo - $498.00 via Endless
6. Nine West Orro Booties - $79.99 via Macy's
7. Banana Republic Sweet Virginia pearl earrings - $29.99

*True story.  Actually, they're all pretty much true.  Good luck, D! 


  1. Je t'adore! J'adore everything on this page actually. I think I will be wearing basically the entire first outfit at least one day in Pittsburgh... already have most of the elements, although I am dyyyying for that long yellow(!) cardigan. And yup, just ordered that sweater dress from ON. You're a genius!

  2. LOVE everything. Especially the camel colored cardigan. Also dying over the black purse in the second outfit. Hope you and J have a fantastic holiday :)