December 27, 2010

Enchanted Forest.

Since it's pretty much a winter wonderland here on the East Coast right now, I figured I might as well go with it and share these gorgeous images from the Southern Weddings blog.  I am obsessed with the table settings - I love the twisty forks. (I know, I'm weird.)  We're going out to celebrate this New Year's, but if you're hosting a little soiree, this enchanted forest/winter wonderland theme makes for some gorgeous decor inspiration.

*Images by Jeff Holt photography.


  1. Linds! I had no clue you were such a blogger!
    Hope you're Christmas was well, and I miss you!

  2. Beautiful pics! I can't believe the snow on the east coast! So insane.

  3. Hey Meels, same to you. I like your stream of consciousness... I didn't know you were so funny. Following you on the Twitter.