December 31, 2010

2010 Recap + 2011 Goals

Oh my goodness you guys, can you believe that today is the last day of 2010?  I've been warning J and our friends that I might actually cry tears of relief when that clock hits midnight and 2010 is officially behind us.  What a rollercoaster this year has been for me!

In January, I started this blog, and I got to go to NYC with some of my best friends.  

Then in April, J and I bought our first precious little house.

And in May we graduated from law school, and moved to South Carolina, which was a pretty big change for me.  

June brought the lowest low we've had in a long time when the precious little house was flooded, and the interior had to be completely gutted and rebuilt.  Ceilings, walls, and floors were all destroyed.  BUT, I did get to pick my own wall colors for the new walls... so that hideous red is now a very lovely cashmere gray.

We got married almost exactly two months later and spent a glorious week relaxing in Belize.  

We got to go to Charleston several times this fall and in December I went to Atlanta for Lavish! with my lovely friend Tina, which was such an incredible experience for me.  We also got to spend a (very) white Christmas with my family in the mountains, near Blowing Rock.

When I look back over 2010, I have such mixed feelings about it.  On the one hand, when I write it all out, the highs definitely outnumber the lows, but what a low it was. In truth, we're still not fully recovered from it.  I am just now getting my turn to take the bar, and of course, I also had to put my job search on hold, which has really stretched our finances this winter.  On the other hand, I doubt I would've had as much time to devote this bloggy blog if I had gone straight to work full time.  I can definitely see the difference in what this blog was before August, and what it's become since then, and I hope that y'all can too.  This blog is my second favorite thing to happen in 2010, and I'm really excited to see where it takes me next year.  (The wedding was my first favorite thing, obviously.)  Thank y'all SO MUCH for coming to my little corner of the internet, and I hope that 2011 will even better here on Penny Loves Charlie.

Sorry for the wordy post, I just really felt like I wanted to do this.  Do y'all make New Year's resolutions/goals?  I'd love to hear them.  For the record, mine are to lose weight (of course), to pass the bar and get a job (hopefully that one won't take ALL year), and to learn Photoshop.

HAPPY 2011, Y'ALL!  Have fun tonight, and be safe!


  1. Love this post. And love you!! 2011 will be the best year yet, I can feel it :) xoxoxoxo

  2. I hope so! I don't think I can handle another one like 2010 for a while! :)

  3. You deserve a big old hug and a whole bottle of champagne after the year that you and J had. I'm just glad to see your shinning face and this amazing start to your second year of blogging!! Thanks again for sharing all of your insights about this whole crazy blogging world. You're the best!