November 24, 2010

Turkey + Dressing.

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday (tied with the Fourth of July, for similar reasons).  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas with the trees, and the lights, and the hymns, and the presents... but Thanksgiving is the ultimately lazy day.  Basically the only thing you're expected to do is eat.  And maybe watch football.  I think I demonstrated earlier this week that fashion and food can definitely go together, and I have been planning my Thanksgiving Day outfit with this in mind.

In order to consume as much as possible while still remaining comfortable, an elastic waistband is a must.  However, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT condone sidling up to the table in sweatpants.  Therefore, the centerpiece of my Thanksgiving wardrobe is an elastic waist skirt.  Tuck in a loose silky top, then add a soft sweater and a skinny belt, and you've got yourself a elegant yet comfortable Turkey Day ensemble.

Necklace: American Eagle; Belt: Ann Taylor; Skirt: Alloy; Tunic: LOFT; Sweater: Gap; Booties: DSW

Here in the South, we're expecting it to be pretty warm on Thursday, so I'll probably wear my booties with bare legs, but if you live in a less temperate area of the country you could easily add some black or gray tights and throw on a peacoat for added warmth.

PS - I've had a couple requests for affordable, cute, meet-the-family-friendly outfit suggestions so I tried very hard to suggest reasonably priced items that you can easily find in your local stores (or, hopefully, already in your closet).  Hope this helps!

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