November 16, 2010

Saddle Up.

Ok, so I know I said a few months ago that I wasn't really into this trend, but, as any girl is apt to do, I've changed my mind.  First of all, I'm definitely a flats girl, and I feel like I should embrace any alternative the ballet flat that cracks the scene.  Second, since this "trend" has been around for a while now, there are plenty of cute options to be had at a reasonable price point.  So, basically, I gave in and ordered a pair of oxfords yesterday.

1. Bass Enfield Oxford - $65.00 via Endless
2. ALDO Lahaie Oxford - $41.99
3. Wanted Shoes Women's Chap Oxford - $59.99 via Endless
4. Forever21 Vintage Oxford Flats - $24.80

These are just a few options that I found in my search.  A quick check of ShopStyle will turn up tons more cute options.  I really wanted to find a neutral, wearable pair for every day, but there are plenty of flashier options out there too, if you prefer.

PS - The title of this post is courtesy of an older friend.  I told her I wanted to find a pair of oxfords, and she didn't know what they were.  I showed her a picture and she informed me that "in her day," they were called saddle shoes.

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