November 8, 2010

Girls in the hood(ie).

One of my favorite purchases of all time is my gray cashmere hoodie from J.Crew.  Much to J's chagrin, I recently rediscovered it after I thought it was lost.  (And by lost, I mean I thought that he had hidden it from me because I wore it ALL the time.)  I know a hoodie isn't exactly the most fashion-forward item a girl can have, but it can be a great layering staple for fall and if you choose one in a luxurious fabric like cashmere or silk, it can be more than gym-wear.

1. Athleta Dharma Hooide - $158.00
2. Vince Oversize Cashmere Hoodie - $275.00 via Saks Fifth Avenue
3. Me & Em Cashmere Jersey Sweater - $77.58 via ASOS
4. Roxy Cover Me Hoodie - $68.00

PS- If you want some inspiration for how to elevate your hoodie, go here.

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