November 21, 2010

Food for Thought.

In addition to the million fashion and interior design blogs that I read each day, I've also slowly started building a roster of food blogs that I enjoy.  It started out as way to get some yummy new recipes to try, but often times the photography on those blogs is just incredible.  I decided to do a post combining the two, because who says fashion inspiration can't come from whats on your plate?

(If you've never had patatas bravas, get thee to a tapas bar [or to Spain] and try them immediately!)

So what do y'all think?  Can you find inspiration from your hamburger?


  1. such a cute post! I adore looking at food blogs with great photography. I die looking at pioneer woman's recipes. Everything just looks so fantastic! It makes me want to get a legit camera.

  2. I want a real camera soooo bad!! I'd love to start doing some outfit photos or pics of all the crazy stuff I do around our house. I've tried with the little one I have and they never come out very well. Sadly, even the most basic DSLRs are like $500. :(