November 1, 2010

(Boardwalk) Empire Strikes Back.

I know everyone in the fashion world is all about Mad Men and, yes, Christina Hendricks is gorgeous, but to be perfectly honest, I don't really like that show, and I don't want to walk around looking like Dita von Teese.  Personally, I am much more inspired by the beautiful women (and clothes) of Boardwalk Empire.

Sparkling sequins, glittering jewels, cozy furs... 

...dainty buttons, and delicate lace make for oh-so-glamorous evening wear.

Even casual attire is elevated with plush fabrics like silk and velvet, and special details like crisp pleats, floaty feathers, and scalloped edges.

So what do y'all Boardwalk Empire the next Mad Men?  Would you wear a 1920s-inspired look?

*All stills via ING. Image 1Gold Dress: Net-A-PorterWhite Dress: Net-A-Porter; Earrings: Charm & Chain; Stole: Topshop; Booties: Zappos; Coat: French Connection; Pearl Necklace: Charm & Chain.  Image 2: Pleated Dress: StyleBop; Silk Boots: Net-A-Porter; Ring: Lord & Taylor; Coat: StyleBop Lace Dress: StyleBop; Headband: Ban.Do.  Image 3: Cloche: Anthropologie; Blazer: ModCloth; Polka Dot Blouse: My Theresa; Gray Bootie: Endless; Pleated Dress: ShopRuche; Black Dress: StyleBop; Button Boots: ModCloth.


  1. I think Boardwalk Empire is totally the next Mad Men. I love the show and I agree, I love the style--especially for men, though! I wish that men still dressed like that everyday. They put such thought into their clothing back then. Although R looks cute in his jeans, everyone loves a man in a suit :)

  2. I agree... the three piece suits, the bow ties... NO JEANS!