October 5, 2010

Home Goods.

I was introduced to Dabney Lee (the company, not the woman... though I'm sure she's lovely) last Christmas by my fabulous and stylish BFF, D.  She got me a super fun monogrammed calendar that I love so much I even took it with me to the horrible rental apartment this summer.  I have been looking everywhere for a stylish serving tray that I can use to set up a mini bar in our living room, and it finally occurred to me to check the Dabney Lee At Home website.  Lo and behold, I found what I was looking for... andddd maybe a few extras.

Salt and Pepper Shakers - $40.00
Large Monogrammed Lucite Tray - $130.00

Monogrammed Paper Placemats - $40.00 for 25
Recipe Cards and Box - $80.00

Moderne Stationary Mini - $120.00 for 50
Monogrammed Planner - $55.00

Pretty much all of the items on her two sites (paper and home) are fully customizable - there are tons of patterns, fonts, and colors to choose from.  Any of her things would make great hostess or wedding gifts.  AND if you buy a square tray during the month of October, a percentage of the sale is donated to breast cancer research,  which is a cause very close to my heart (literally and figuratively).  I love when I get to buy something that I want/need/was already going to buy anyway and it turns out that I get to help a good cause at the same time.

*Legalese: Please know that I'm not associated with this company in anyway.  I just write about what I like.

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