October 26, 2010


It's been rainy and cool here in Columbia, and the leaves are finally starting to turn colors.  In short, it's finally starting to feel a little bit like fall.  This kind of weather makes me want to throw on a soft, chunky knit sweater and curl up my dogs, my J, and a good book.  Thankfully, there's no need to spend $1200 to get some sufficiently cozy threads.

1. Land's End Canvas Hooded Cardigan - $69.50
2. Aqua Metallic Chunky Knit Cowl Loop - $40.00 via Bloomingdale's
3. Design History Cable Knit Sweater Dress - $143.00 via Saks Fifth Avenue
4. Chili Pepper Chunky Knit Cardigan - $60.66 via ASOS
5. Topshop Knitted Hooded Bomber Cardigan - $100.00
6. French Connection Knitted Mittens - $20.22 via ASOS
7.  Charles David Purl Ankle Boot - $230.00 via Endless
8. Old Navy Cable Knit Wrap Vest - $34.50


  1. I love the Land's End cardigan-- I saw that one on the frisky the other day and thought it looked super comfy! I also love the circle scarf.

  2. mittens are not recommended for kindle use (dexterity + static)

  3. Miss Type-A, I can't say enough good things about LE Canvas. I've ordered several things from there and the quality is really great (waaaayyy better than J.Crew, which has comparable prices). Have you ever ordered from them before? The first time I did, last Christmas, I got a handwritten thank you note a few days later.