September 22, 2010

Wanderlust Wednesday: New Orleans

Slightly shocking confession: I have never been to New Orleans.  As a girl who was born and raised in the South, this is borderline criminal.  My obsession with visiting the city has recently grown to epic proportions, as J can tell you, so we will definitely be making a visit soon.  While we're there, we'll be popping into the iconic Roosevelt Hotel for a drink at the legendary Sazerac Bar.  

New Orleans

*Original Roosevelt images via Expedia.

**Editor's Note:  I've been having major issues with Blogger today.  Sorry for the late post, but technically, it is still Wednesday.  Please excuse the remaining formatting issues.  This was the best I can do. 


  1. Yayyy!!! I <3 this post. And that outfit would be perfect.. tucked away in a little booth at the Roosevelt! I'd loooove to take you guys down there and show you around - just let me know when!!! I JUST started a little blog of my own on the website I made for my design portfolio. I'm only on my second post but I have a feeling it might just tip the scales toward your NOLA trip ;) Heres the link:

    Miss u guys!!!

  2. T! I will be emailing you about this. I want to go at the beginning of March after I finish the bar and it would be SO fun to do it w/ you and Ang. Love the blog... those New Orleans pics are GORGEOUS.