September 29, 2010

Wanderlust Wednesday: London

The rainy weather here this week made me think of foggy London town and all of the fantastic sights it has to offer, like Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, and the London Eye, not to mention the fabulous shows you can catch in the West End and shopping at the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill.  One quintessentially British pastime that I've never had the chance to try is the ritual of Afternoon Tea, but the next time I am in London I will definitely be making reservations to take it at Claridge's.  The famous Art Deco hotel not only boasts an award-winning tea service, but it is also home to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.  Best of all, Diane von Furstenburg recently redesigned a series of rooms and suites, her first major interior design project, the first four of which opened in June.

Yes that's right... I'm like Lady Gaga, bringing my own tea cup with me.  Since I would actually be attending a tea, I feel this is slightly less weird.  

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  1. Bringing your own cup to tea is frowned upon here, but in other countries, it is welcome... even encouraged