August 5, 2010

Drop Trou.

So like 5 years ago, I owned a pair of trouser jeans from the GAP that were my go-to jeans for a night out.  And then everyone went crazy over skinnies and my metabolism went on strike and now those trouser jeans are being worn by a Honduran orphan.  (That sentence did not turn out at all like I expected when I started writing it.)

Anyway, the point is that today I went to the J.Crew outlet in St. Augustine (aka Mecca) and I tried on a super cute pair of trouser jeans and the romance has been rekindled.  They're flattering, they're chic, and I plan to rock some this fall, regardless of whether they're officially back in or not.

{Anlo "Pascale" Stretch Trouser Jeans - $195.00 via Nordstrom}

{7 For All Mankind Ginger Pant - $154.00 via Boutique to You}

{678 Trouser Jean - 69.00 via The Limited}

PS - Sorry for the sporadic posting.  We are 9 days away from the BIG DAY and I am in Florida in full wedding mode, so posting will be off and on until I get back from the honeymoon at the end of August.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure I remember those jeans from days of yore... I like the resurgence!

    See you in T-6 days.... -MOH