June 3, 2010

Wanderlust Wednesday: Prague

Lately J and I have been talking about our "wander lists."  We really want to devote our vacation days and discretionary income to traveling extensively over the next few years... you know, before the big scary k-word (kids, people) enters the picture.  I've also been thinking a lot lately about this blog trying to come up with a cool, unique feature that is different than any of the other content out there.  Thus, Wanderlust Wednesday is born.  The plan is to take inspiration from some of the gorgeous hotels that I dig up while researching all of the crazy, far-away, glamourous places I'm gonna try to convince J to go, and translate that into fashion.  So, first up: Prague and the Hotel Riverside. (*Side note: Prague isn't actually on my official wander list because I've been a few years ago but it's gorgeous and wonderfully preserved and cheap (in a good way... no Euro), so you should go if you haven't been.  Also, they have absinthe.)

Where I would stay:

The building was originally built in 1905 and renovated in 2002.  There are 63 rooms and 18 suites.  It's located on the left bank of the Vltava, south of the castle in the Smichov district which is known for its shopping and entertainment and also as the home of the Staropramen Brewery.

*Images via here.

What I would wear for dinner in the Mala Strana and drinks at the hotel bar (which is open 24 hours a day):Prague

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