May 28, 2010

Well Done.

Ladies and gentlemAn (love you, J), I may have found a new Mecca.  Madewell FINALLY launched its online store yesterday.  The collection is not as extensive as what can be found in stores but since there currently aren't any in my state, I'll take what I can get.  I must have this dress for summer BBQs and the striped shirt paired with rolled up chino shorts and the flat, strappy sandals is perfect for lazing around town on weekends.  Love.

{Pointillist Dress - $148.00}

{the cypress sandal - $98.00}
* How great is it that these zip on?  No more laces!

{Scholar cardigan - $62.00}

May 27, 2010

Make A Statement.

One of my favorite trends this year is the statement necklace.  I tend to gravitate towards simple silhouettes and designs when it comes to clothes.  I have a lot of solids in my wardrobe, so I like to use color and accessories to keep things current and fun.  This means that my taste in jewelry tends to be fairly adventurous.  I love big chunky pieces than can stand by themselves and make an outfit.  (For examples of how to do it right, take a cue from Olivia.)

{Cara Accessories Bib Necklace - $68.00 via Nordstrom}

{Tasha Flower Statement Necklace - $58.00 via Nordstrom}

{Max and Chloe Blu Bijou Pink Teardrop Necklace - $57.00}

{GUESS Filigree Statement Necklace - $25.00}

{Lipsy Chain and Bead Collar Looped Necklace - $20.29 via ASOS}

May 24, 2010

Copycat: Kristin Cavallari

Obsessed with this gorgeous Alexander Wang bag:

*Image via

Just as soon as I have an extra $875 laying around, I'll be sure to run out and pick one up.  In the meantime, these alternatives will have to do.

{Tory Burch Linden Studded Leather Satchel - $595.00}

{Topshop Leather Stud Base Holdall - $170.00}

{Betsey Johnson "We're Just Frilled - Medium" Studded Satchel - $129.90 via Nordstrom}

{Steve Madden BBold Satchel - $88.95 via}

May 23, 2010

Flower Power.

I don't know about y'all, but I have not been super excited about the recent resurgence of 90s-esque fashion.  I generally looked like an idiot in the 90s and it's not really a time period I'm interested in reliving.  That being said, I am also a sucker for a pretty flower print and lately I've been finding some pieces that, while definitely 90s-inspired, I could definitely see myself wearing (paired this time around with some skinny jeans and ballet flats or strappy wedges rather than high-wasted mom jeans and Keds).

{Thakoon Floral-print Chiffon Dress - $250.50 via The OutNet}

{Lipsy Strapless Print Dress- $76.09 via ASOS}

{Liquorish Jade Ruffle Neck Ditsy Skater Dress - $40.58 via ASOS}

*PS - J, you don't count.  It's not a "resurgence" if you've never stopped dressing like it's 1994 in the first place.

May 20, 2010

Rainbow Bright.

Even though it's not quite Memorial Day, it's definitely summer here in the South land.  We've already had several 90 degree days and I'm sure there are many more on the way.  The hot weather makes me crave breezy dresses in super bright colors.  I love dresses like this because since the color makes such a bold statement, accessories can be kept to a minimum which makes getting dressed in the morning incredibly easy.

{Susana Monaco Desiree Silk Dress - $275.00 via Piperlime}

{Susana Monaco Jersey Racerback Dress - $138.00 via Bloomingdale's}

{Antik Batik Langoa Cotton Dress - $130.50 via The OutNet}

{Free People Shine On Cinch Waist Dress - $98.00 via Shopbop}

{Vibrant Caroline Dress - $54.00 via Fred Flare}

May 12, 2010

Copycat: Miranda Kerr

Eeek!  It has been SO long since I've posted.  I'm still trying to settle into life in South Carolina and figure out what my schedule is going to be like so posting will probably be sporadic for a while longer.  

Anyway, how badly do you wish your legs were as hot as Miranda Kerr's?

Yeah, my legs don't look anything like that.  But I do look good in green, so I have been searching the internets for emerald cocktail dresses... just in case someone randomly invites me to a fabulous party.  You never know.

{Alberta Ferreti Silk-Satin Cocktail Dress - $558.25 via The Outnet}

{Foley + Corinna Stretch Corset Top and Skirt Set - $294.00 via ShopBop}

{Yumi Kim Elena Dress - $78.00}