April 26, 2010

Max Out.

The maxi dress trend has been around for a few seasons now.  Last Spring Break (2009), I tried it on the cheap with a dress from Old Navy and it was surprisingly comfortable.  I wore it to EPCOT on an 80 degree day and even though it covers the lower body like wearing jeans, I didn't get too hot.  Sadly, that dress only survived 2 rounds with my washing machine so I've been looking for a replacement for this summer.  For me, the dress has to come to the very top of my feet (one of the few times I advise taking fashion advice from the Victorian era), and I prefer strapless or halter styles to show a little skin on top so it doesn't look dowdy.

{MM Couture Embroided Strapless Maxi Dress - $98.00 via Piperlime}

{Veronica M Strapless Maxi Dress- $90.00 via National Jean Company}

{ASOS Jersey Grecian Maxi Beach Dress With Padded Cups - $47.50}

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