April 30, 2010


Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain and I just met but we're already BFFs.  I love the whole idea of it.  I don't like wearing lipstick because it settles in to the lines in my lips and gets chalky and makes me look old.  But gloss is annoying because my hair blows around and gets stuck in it every time a butterfly flaps its wings.  Also, I'm not 13 anymore.  I feel like I need to move on.  So I saw the Cover Girl lipstain in the May issue of Lucky and decided to try it.  "Stain" may be a bit strong of a word since it does wear off after a few hours, whether you're eating and drinking or not.  But it gives a deep, richer color like lipstick but without the stickiness of a gloss and it looks really natural.  I'm sold.

{Givenchy Printed Lips Tinted Look Lip Stainer - $24.50 via Sephora}

{Tarte Natural Lip Stain with LipSurgence Technology - $24 via Sephora}

{tokidoki Fantastico Lip Stain - $15.00 via Sephora}

{Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain - $19 via Sephora}

{Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain - $8.69 via Ulta.com}


  1. But i thought I was your BFF...

  2. I'm intrigued, but I always feel like these things make my lips feel dry and chalky...

  3. Nat, try the Cover Girl one. I didn't find that it made my lips dry. You could put some chapstick on underneath it if you need to though.