January 10, 2010

Hello, 2010.

When we were little, my mom would always ask my brother and me what our New Year's resolutions were. Since we're starting not only a new year but also a new decade, I decided to go all out and make four this year. Starting this blog was number 1.

Here are the other three:

2. Be more organized. In 2010 I will graduate law school, take the bar exam, possibly buy a house, move to a new city, AND (my favorite) get married. I'm hoping that organizational skills will come simply out of necessity but I thought I'd better make it a resolution just in case.

3. Learn to shop. Most of my family and friends would probably argue that I've already mastered this one but what I really mean is learn to shop smarter. I spend too much money on things that I don't wear either because they don't fit or because they don't "go" with the rest of my wardrobe or because I just don't love them so I get bored. My goal is to learn when to splurge and went to save and how to shop for outfits instead of just individual items.

4. Learn to sew. Since I am getting married and we are moving to a new house, I would like to learn how to do a few simple projects like curtains and pillows. Being able to repair a ripped seam or reattach a button wouldn't be too bad either.

Fireworks photo via Flickr.

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